Thank You For Confirming Your Email – Get Ready To Make History!

By participating in Follow My Vote’s Parallel Presidential Election of 2016, you are taking a stand for what you believe in. You are telling your government that you want to have the right to vote conveniently online, in a secure and verifiably honest way, in the next government-sponsored election.

Now that the technology exists to allow for provably honest elections, we must stand together and demand it from our government. If you are against honesty and transparency in our elections, you must have something to hide, and therefore cannot be trusted.

Take pride in the fact that you have chosen to be on the right side of history!

A vote in Follow My Vote’s Parallel Presidential Election of 2016 is a vote for honesty and transparency when it comes to our elections. After all, if you cannot count your vote and see it successfully and safely stored in the ballot box with your own eyes, how can you even be certain that your vote actually counted?

In the days leading to Follow My Vote’s Parallel Presidential Election of 2016, we will reach out and notify you of how to privately and securely register to vote, as well as how to cast your vote for your candidate of choice, using our end-to-end verifiable online voting system.

Until then, please spread the word that time has come to make our elections honest, once and for all. And, with Follow My Vote, it’s finally possible… all we need is you!