The Follow My Vote Ambassador Program

We are dedicated to bringing end-to-end verifiable elections to the people, but we need your help!

Some of our fans are content with joining our supporters list and engaging with us on social media. But, if you are a real go-getter and would like to serve as an agent of change for Follow My Vote, our Ambassador Program is for you!

Follow My Vote Ambassadors are encouraged to reach out to government officials in an effort to educate them on our technology and the benefits of using our voting software. They are also encouraged to connect with their fellow citizens, invite people to join our list of supporters, host meet up events and information sessions, and they even get free swag to hand out!

To apply to become a Follow My Vote Ambassador, please contact us!

Contact Us!

Why the revolution will not be tweeted.

NOTE: You don’t have to be an official Follow My Vote Ambassador to host your own blockchain voting meetup. Thus, we’ve made the Ambassador Meetup Presentation file available for Download Here:  Follow My Vote_Meetups

Current Ambassadors

Joseph P. Thornton III

Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Blockchain Voting Group

Hansen von Shneir


Christian Lains

Oslo, Norway

Neil Haran

British ColumbiaCanada

Richard Westendorp

The Netherlands

Samuel Cooper

Washington, D.C.

Philip Christopher

New Delhi, India

Neven Ristić


Magnús Örn Gunnarsson


Damir Katusic


Kevin Flanagan Coombes

Dublin, Ireland