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// A Quantum Shift In App Development Is Coming...

Secure dApp Development

We are building a decentralized application (dApp) platform for the rapid development and deployment of secure dApps.

Build Decisively Secure dApps
Enhance Usability Features
Reduce Time To Market

A More Secure And Supportive
Paradigm Is Necessary

The Solution

A new paradigm for internet applications,
Secure and robust protocols, Discoverability and peer-to-peer connectivity, Enhanced understandability and flexibility.

A New Platform

Uses the best ideas from existing technology,
Secure blockchain-based back-ends, Entire pathway to
front-end and runtime secured
to standard of back-end.

New possibilities

High security and privacy support new finance and governance paradigms, Peer-to-peer connectivity facilitates human connection and expression, User-oriented architecture protects data and privacy.

Reimagine Identity

Accounts and passwords are going away. They will soon be a part of the history of technology.
Society is moving to real and sovereign identities and Follow My Vote plans to showcase how this can be done.

Self-Describing Software

We are experiencing a new paradigm shift as software and hardware advance.
This will lead to the development of software that teaches humans how to use it rather than humans having to figure out how to use software.

The Core Components

Identity and Key Management

Secure Blockchain API Queries

Loading & Verification of Application Code

Database Caching

Off-Chain Data Storage

Services Network

Simple Cryptography



Establishment & Authentication of Network Connections

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Our next gen polling dApp. One of the first dApps on the new platform. 

Current Progress 31%


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