HOA Voting

The Future of HOA Voting

Leverage Blockchain Technology for HOA Voting with Follow My Vote. Provide your homeowners association with HOA voting services that maximize transparency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.


Follow My Vote can provide your homeowners association with the most advanced and secure HOA voting services on the market. Our voting platform is extremely secure, utilizing blockchain technology to retain a system free from fraud or manipulation.

We are also able to publish votes publicly without revealing identities. Transparency is synonymous with honesty and trust.  Prove to the world that your homeowners association is one of honesty. Your residents will have a greater appreciation and more respect for your homeowners association. Transparency at Follow My Vote does not end with public votes. The entire voting platform is verifiable from end to end. This means anyone can inspect the code to make sure the software is running correctly. 

Follow My Vote is proud to produce open source software. You can even see the code on GitHub

Homeowners are often busy and on the move. Make HOA voting as convenient as possible by allowing participants to vote on the go from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.