Online Voting Platform Benefits For Registrars

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Say Goodbye To Voting Machines

Rid yourself of 1980’s technology. Our software can be used on off-the-shelf hardware.

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Cut Costs

With more voters registered to vote online, you can save money on paper ballots. 

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Do Less With More

With more people voting online, less volunteers are needed at the polls. 

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Prevent Voter Fraud

Every voter must have their identity verified and be registered to vote in order to cast their ballot.

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Open-Source Software

Anyone can audit the source code of the software to validate the integrity of the system. 

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Only Pay For What You Need

Open-source software means you only pay for software customizations, training, and support as needed.  

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Let’s work together to raise the standards of integrity and transparency in voting!

If you’re interested in piloting our online voting platform in your area, let us know!