The Follow My Vote Team

Adam Kaleb Ernest

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam graduated from Virginia Tech in 2004, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing Management.

Since then, he has acquired more than 14 years of digital marketing experience, owning a critical role in the development of an internet marketing agency from the ground up.

Adam is leading the conversation with respect to blockchain-based voting systems and has been featured in publications such as The Roanoke Times, The Independent Voter Network (IVN), and Bitcoin Magazine.

He has also served as a subject matter expert on Blockchain Technology for MindEdge Learning and has been prominently featured in their “A Manager’s Guide to Blockchain” online course.

At his core, Adam is a visionary and a protagonist with a powerful imagination and a deep desire to leverage blockchain technology to make this world a better place for all of the people of this planet.

    Nathan Hourt

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Nathan Hourt has a Master’s of Science Degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science from Harding University. While attending college, Nathan contributed to research projects in data compression, randomized algorithms, and software obfuscation and reverse engineering. Nathan also collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory on the development of a next-generation computer networking protocol.

    Nathan has over 10 years of experience developing cross-platform software, running the gamut from kernel- level C to Javascript and GUI. Nathan is an accomplished blockchain architect, owning critical role in the design and development of the Graphene Toolkit for BitShares, a leading crypto-currency that has been credited with several industry innovations.

        Will Long

        Co-Founder & Marketing Manager

        Will Long is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Marketing Management (2014). He hails from Harrisonburg, Virginia and is passionate about politics and nonpartisan affiliated movements.

        With a hunger for success and an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship he is excited about the possible applications and places Follow My Vote will go and hopes to make a difference along the way.

        Will is an executive. Keeping tradition and order is of utmost importance. Executives know what is right and wrong. They take pride in bringing people together, which is at the center of Follow My Vote’s grassroots movement for online voting.

          Katie Ernest

          VP of Communications: PR & Strategic Partnerships

          Katie graduated in 2012 from the Longwood University Center for Communication Studies & Theatre. 

          After graduation Katie became involved in grassroots community organization working on various political campaigns in Virginia, where she became passionate about ending corruption in politics. 

          Katie joined the Follow My Vote team to fight corruption from the inside by joining forces with like-minded individuals and companies, overseeing PR, communication & strategic partnerships. 

          • Location: Denver, CO

            Aaron K. Ernest

            Political Consultant

            Aaron earned his bachelor’s degree with a distinction in Political Science from Southern Illinois University in 2003. He has since traveled the country and settled in California, sharpening his political savvy all along the way.

            Aaron remains involved in local, state, and national politics and is constantly seeking knowledge and perspective from all angles.

            Aaron is a guardian, the temperament given to serving and preserving our most important social institutions. A government by, of, and for the people is the most sacred institution of all.

              Past Employees

                Billy Sharp

                Author & Editor

                Billy is an International Studies major at Virginia Tech and is currently Editor-in-Chief of Follow My Vote. He has a strong passion for politics and deep sense of patriotism. Billy hopes to enter politics one day to fulfill his passion of helping people by protecting their liberties and helping to make the country the best it can be. He loves to golf, and anything outdoors. “Government’s first duty is to protect people, not run their lives.” -Ronald Reagan.

                • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                  Maggie Vaillant

                  Author & Editor

                  Maggie Vaillant graduated in May 2015 from Virginia Tech with a degree in Communications and a minor in Professional Writing. She is committed to the ideals of open information and a transparent government.

                  She has been working with Follow My Vote since February 2015 as a Content Writer and Editor, and hopes to help Follow My Vote make the democratic system more accessible to the people.
                  • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                    Jess Kersey

                    Data Scientist

                    Jess graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, with minors in Peace Studies & Violence Prevention and Russian Language.  She hopes to graduate in December 2015 with a second degree in International Studies.

                    As an undergraduate, Jess worked with ExxonMobil, where she gained project management skills that she hopes to contribute to Follow My Vote.

                    Jess is an advocate of implementing technology to make our lives more efficient and enjoyable, and believes that government processes and bureaucracies should not be excluded from this modernization.  As such, she is looking forward to working with Follow My Vote to revitalize the American voting experience and to inspire more Americans to become involved in the democratic process.

                    • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                      Amy Salamon

                      Volunteer Coordinator

                      Graduating in the spring of 2014, Amy Salamon is expecting a degree in Political Science. With a focus on Legal Studies as well as minors in Business Leadership and Spanish, Amy has committed to dedicating her time and expertise to Follow My Vote over the course of her final semester at Virginia Tech.

                      Throughout her undergraduate career, Amy has garnered experience with Student Government, management, and research. Passionate about politics, the law, and Follow My Vote’s empowering vision, Amy hopes to empower Virginia Tech students to vote and hold their politicians accountable.

                      • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                        Sarah Lewis

                        Event Coordinator

                        Sarah graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015 with a B.S. in Psychology. She was appointed by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to serve on the Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice, and has spent several years working on various political campaigns in Virginia and Massachusetts. She is a recent graduate of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership’s College Leaders Program.

                        Sarah see’s Follow My Vote as a way to enhance citizen participation in the political process, by providing provably honest, transparent elections.

                        • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                          Trisha Lal

                          Marketing Intern

                          Trisha Lal is pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in Sociology and is expected to graduate in the spring of 2019 from Virginia Tech.

                          With plans to combine her social media skills and passion for politics, Trisha hopes Follow My Vote will enable and encourage voters to spread the word about the importance of voting and further develop the marketing and promotion of blockchain technology.

                          • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                            David Brock

                            Marketing Intern

                            David Brock is pursing a dual degree in Computer Science and Business Information Technology at Virginia Tech, planning to graduate in the spring of 2018. With his unique blend of business and computer science, he hopes he can combine them to be able to bring ideas to Follow My Vote.

                            After graduation, David hopes to start his own company. He hopes that his work at Follow My Vote will help him gain the skills necessary to have his own successful startup one day.

                            • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                              Olivia Goodwin

                              Marketing Intern

                              Olivia Goodwin is pursuing a degree in Finance with a minor in Political Science and will be graduating in the spring of 2017. She is passionate about traveling and the business field.

                              Olivia is excited to apply the education she has obtained thus far from the Pamplin School of Business in real world applications. She seeks to gain more knowledge about various the business operations of a start-up, technology, and politics in her time at Follow My Vote. She also hopes to assist Follow My Vote in providing accountable voting, while concurrently achieving anonymity and the right to privacy.

                              • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                Rachel Oppenheim

                                Marketing Intern

                                Rachel Oppenheim is pursing a degree in Marketing Management at Virginia Tech and will be graduating in the spring of 2018. From both her professional and academic experience in marketing, brand development, and social media, she hopes to bring new ideas to Follow My Vote.

                                With a strong presence in student government, Rachel is excited to help increase the use of honest and transparent voting systems in schools and communities. She hopes to assist the company in marketing initiatives specifically through the use of social media.

                                • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                  Connor Rhiel

                                  Marketing Intern

                                  Connor hails from Virginia Beach. He graduated from Virginia Tech in the Spring of 2015 with degrees in multimedia communications and political science. He began interning with Follow My Vote in Summer of 2015.

                                  Connor hopes to help the company maximize its’ potential in terms of marketing and execution.

                                  • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                    Valerie Grove

                                    Marketing Intern

                                    Valerie graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2015 with double majors in Public Relations and Spanish and an International Studies minor. She hopes to use her skills to help different groups of people better understand each other and work together.

                                    Valerie believes that Follow My Vote is on the path to creating a tool that can help revolutionize the way we participate in the democratic process. Beginning in Summer 2015, she aims to help Follow My Vote effectively communicate itself as a leader in using emerging technologies to bring people together.

                                    • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                      Shannon Ropelewski

                                      Marketing Intern

                                      Shannon will be graduating in May 2015 from Virginia Tech, majoring in Marketing Management with minors in Finance and Event Management. As a student, Shannon has gained experience in student government, leadership roles, marketing research, and brand promotion. Throughout her internships over the past three summers, she has developed skills in development, fundraising, and social media.

                                      With endless possibilities at Follow My Vote, Shannon is excited to be involved with an organization on a mission to change the world. As a marketing intern, she will be assisting the company through their social media presence and other marketing endeavors.

                                      • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                        Luis R. Amador

                                        Marketing Intern

                                        Luis will be graduating from Virginia Tech in May of 2014, majoring in History with a Political Science minor. As a student, Luis has also developed two years of fundraising and marketing experience, and will combine those skills with his knowledge in these two subject areas.

                                        With a deep passion for both history and political science, Luis sees Follow My Vote as a solution to getting “We the People” back in the political process and bring to fruition the nation that our Founder’s envisioned. Luis is amiable and a visionary and strides to make his dreams a reality.

                                        • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                          Raelena Kniff

                                          Marketing Intern

                                          Raelena graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2013 with a B.A. in Public and Urban Affairs: Global Development. She is currently a candidate in the Masters of Public Administration program at Virginia Tech’s Center for Public Administration and Policy.

                                          Over the past 4 years, Raelena has worked directly in Legislative processes and within the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Being that she is deeply committed to the advancement of the public good, she is eager to leverage her civic background at Follow My Vote.

                                          • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                            Roy A. Abernathy

                                            Marketing Intern

                                            Roy is a junior in the Class of 2015 of Virginia Tech, majoring in Applied Economics and Political Science.  As a student, Roy has become involved throughout campus, been part of multiple on-campus elections, and hold various publicity leadership roles to prepare for Marketing Lead.  With a huge desire to follow in the model of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) and continue in service, Roy would like to dedicate his service to the political governance sector.

                                            Roy believes the Follow My Vote mission has great potential to hold politicians accountable and let the people all have a voice.  Roy is passionate, positive, and dedicated to pushing Follow My Vote’s mission forward.

                                            • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                              Brice Moon

                                              Marketing Intern

                                              Hailing from nearby Hardy, Virginia,  Brice Moon is joining the Follow My Vote team as one of its newest Marketing Interns. Having graduated from Virginia Tech in 2013 with a B.S. in Marketing Management, he has a desire to bring the skills he learned to help share with people the potential of the Follow My Vote platform.

                                              Coming from an Independent political background, Brice sees Follow My Vote as a way for America “to not revolutionize the voting process, but instead take it back to the way it was intended to be, with voters being able to trust that they truly do have a voice.” With an amicable spirit and a focus on positive change, he believes that through this position, he can help make this statement ring true.

                                              • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                                Dawn Cutler

                                                Marketing Intern

                                                Dawn Cutler is a sophomore at Virginia Tech studying political science with a focus in National Security. Dawn is the Historian at Follow My Vote, INC. and is helping to document the story of Follow My Vote as it takes shape. Dawn has held many positions as historian and clubs and organizations on campus and enjoys telling people’s stories. Dawn has always been interested in the government but just like many other Americans can’t help feeling like her voice is not really heard and her views and beliefs are not really being represented. Follow My Vote is giving her the chance to make a change she’s wanted to see happen since she started studying politics.

                                                • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                                  Kalli Martin

                                                  Software Development Intern

                                                  Kalli Martin is pursuing a degree in Business Information Technology with a Computer Science minor from Virginia Tech, planning to graduate in May 2016. As an undergraduate, Kalli worked as a software engineer with Optimal Satcom and Capital One, gaining valuable experience in satellite communications and big data.

                                                  Excited to learn cutting edge technology in a start-up work environment, Kalli wants to work in a field that helps make people’s lives easier. She hopes to help Follow My Vote make voting as convenient as possible so that more people will be enthusiastically involved in elections.

                                                  • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                                    Ben Conlon

                                                    Software Development Intern

                                                    Ben is a Senior in material’s science and engineering department at Virginia Tech, graduating in May of 2015.  As a student, Ben has focused his education on the field of semi-conductor research and sustainable technologies. He has gotten involved with community action through the student run radio station of Virginia Tech, WUVT FM 90.7 Blacksburg, and is a big believer in relying on the community to provide solutions and make educated decisions.

                                                    Ben became interested in Follow My Vote in its beginnings, as it was a way to promote sustainable energy legislation and understand where the holds in passing this legislation lie. He hopes to be able to give insight and ideas to the Follow My Vote team, as well as learn and grow his web development skills in order to create a secure, transparent voting platform.
                                                    • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                                      Ezra Clark

                                                      Software Development Intern

                                                      Ezra is a Junior in Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech minoring in Computer Science and Math. His interest in programming began in high school and that passion has since grown throughout the years at Virginia Tech from working an various projects.

                                                      He has been working with Follow My Vote as a development intern since the start of 2015 and is excited about the potential it has to change the future of voting.
                                                      • Location: Blacksburg, VA

                                                        Andrew Van Schaack

                                                        Software Development Intern

                                                        Andrew grew up in Wall Township, NJ where he gained a deep interest in hardware and software design. He is a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in Computer Engineering. Currently, Andrew is developing a candidate matching web application and hopes to help bring the Follow My Vote vision to life.

                                                        • Location: Blacksburg, VA