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When you think about the voting process in the United States, voting essentially takes place in a black box, providing the voter with no assurance that their vote will actually be counted once their ballot has been cast. To make matters worse, the current voting process costs entirely too much tax-payer money without being able to offer voters the virtues of security and transparency.

The infographic you see below is dedicated specifically to the current method of voting used in the state of California today, which is very similar to the voting process currently in place across the United States. The whole premise with the black background is to create the sensation that after you cast your vote, the entire road to your vote being counted is lost behind a veil of unknowns.



In Summary…

After voting is completed, all the votes are compiled in the “black box” where they are counted and matched to the number of people who voted. Then, the votes are delivered to an official office where they are counted – usually by an optical scanner. Sometimes, there are flawed sheets. When this happens, they are judged for legibility. If illegible, they are discarded. If the judges decide they are legible, then they join rest of the votes, counted, saved, and then sent to the Secretary of State.

We’re not saying people should go into the voting process fearing that any misconduct, intentional or not, will occur. However, the fact of the matter is that it can happen, and has happened before. In contrast to the above process, with Follow My Vote’s online voting platform, one will be able to track their vote all the way to the ballot box, ensuring that their vote not only made it successfully through to the ballot box, but that their vote was cast as intended and counted as cast. A more detailed description of our new and improved voting process (The Follow My Vote Way) can be found here: Blockchain Voting: The End To End Process.

To learn more about the current voter registration in the United States, please visit our page on Voter Registration!