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Online voting is becoming a popular trend in countries around the world. While there are some logistical concerns with allowing this method of voting, However, with the right registration process in place and the required documentation, government agencies can feel more confident in the validity of the votes that do come in. The E-Voting.CC organization offers expert advice on election organization and technology’s role in the election process. They partner with European governments and other organizations in charge of electoral planning to work on strategic planning, implementation and analysis of new electronic voting processes and how they can make it easier for individuals to have their voices heard.


EVOTE Conferences

During even years, the EVOTE Conferences are held in Castle Hofen in Lochau, Austria. This unique venue offers the perfect backdrop for discussing the future of elections and how technology can play a role. The 2016 event is scheduled for October. These conferences have a strong history of attracting influential individuals who can have an impact on how elections are held and building the confidence of the people to encourage them to do their part in the voting process. Experts in academia, government, politics and a variety of industries come together to exchange knowledge and learn about electronic voting from a holistic perspective.


E-Voting in America

The United States has yet to largely adopt the electronic method of voting, but steps are being taken to research the benefits and put together a plan that both protects the voters, as well as the electoral process. This will require extensive research and planning, as well as education for both politicians and voters, to ensure everyone is on the same page with these changes. However, once electronic voting is perfected and implemented, it will encourage more people to vote. In the United States, many people avoid going to the polls for a variety of reasons, including an inability to get around easily. Electronic voting can fix many of these issues.

E-voting has become a more common method of voting in various European countries. E-Voting.CC is an organization that strives to help government agencies implement the right voting strategies so more people can have their voices heard. With greater voting participation, elected leaders and new laws will be a better reflection of what the people want because more people will take the time to vote and express their opinions.