Online Voting Platform Benefits For The Voter

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Bring The Polls To You

Vote securely from your own laptop, desktop, smart phone, or tablet.

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Don’t Risk It

Skip the trip to the polls and stay worry free from germs and other diseases.

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More Money In Your Pocket

Avoid the need to take time off of work and save some extra gas money.

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Environmentally friendly

Those who want to go green can save a tree by voting online.

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Vote Early

Vote as soon as you make up your mind, in the days leading up to the election. 

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Freedom To Change Your Mind

You can change your vote if you change your mind. It’s not official, until the polls close.

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Count Your Vote

Follow your vote into the ballot box to ensure your vote was cast as intended and counted as cast.

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Maintain Your Privacy

Vote in a transparent election without anyone knowing how you voted.

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A System You Can Trust

You can independently verify that the results are truly accurate.

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Open-Source Software

Anyone can audit the source code of the software to validate the integrity of the system. 

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Real-Time Results

Stay updated on the results in real time and be the first to know who won the election.  

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Let’s work together to raise the standards of integrity and transparency in voting!

If you would like to use our online voting platform for elections in your area, we’d like to hear from you!