Follow My Vote Videos

What Is Follow My Vote?

WSLS10 News Story

How Blockchain Technology Works

Adam Ernest Speaks to the Pirate Party of Norway

Support Online Voting! 

TEDx Virginia Tech. Whitespace

Let's Increase Voter Turnout!

Our History

CACEO Conference Demo

Election Day 2014.

Cryptofresh Interview: Adam Kaleb Ernest

America’s Voting Technology Crisis

Learning About Voting & Democracy In India

Development Environment Setup - How To Video

Verifiable Blockchain Voting Software Demo (Full Length)

Gobblerfest 2015

Adam Ernest Speaks To Delta Sigma Pi At Virginia Tech

Who We Are & What We Do!

End to End Verified Voting On A Blockchain

Exposing Voting Machine Vulnerabilities

What is Liquid Democracy? 

Use Cases for our Online Voting Platform 

Money In Politics 

Voting Security

5K Sponsorship 

Voting Early In 2015

Cryptofresh Documentary: BitShares Peer to Peer Tour

Verifiable Online Voting Platform Demo

Super Tuesday Coverage & Millennial Participation

Become an Ambassador for Blockchain Voting

How Our Voter Registration Process Works

Web Summit 2015

Virginia Tech Hokies Invent The Future Of Voting

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