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The Top Polling Companies & Apps in 2023

In this article we share information about the top polling companies and applications you can use in 2023. We are currently preparing to launch our own polling software, called Pollaris, which will run on the blockchain and serve as a demonstration of our latest technology. 

Polling for public opinion data is not the focus of our article. Our focal point is polling as a service. We hope you find the following information enlightening. Contact us if any information should require updating. 

Twitter Polling 

Twitter is the first on our list of top polling companies. They have become a go to social media website with 396 million active users as of 2021. Jack Dorsey launched the company back in 2006 and they released a polling functionality for users in 2015.

Twitter polls are an easy way to engage an online audience and gain feedback. They are free to create and run, but they are open to anyone on twitter that can see your tweet. Anonymity is preserved on these polls. Neither the creator nor the participants can see who cast votes or the choices they chose. (It is likely that Twitter employees can see past the surface level of anonymity though.)

A poll on twitter might be a useful tool for a brand, but might not be the best for deciding on a new proposal for an HOA since it’s broadcast publicly.

Facebook Polling 

Did you know that Facebook has polling too? They do. Facebook polls are a free feature that can be created on a user’s timeline, story, or business page. 

Similar to polls on twitter, you can learn about an audience, engage with friends and get results in real time.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere operates out of San Francisco, California. Jeff Vyduna, Brad Gessler, and Sean Eby founded the company in 2007. They primarily run an online polling service for classrooms and audience response systems. Poll Everywhere takes advantage of mobile phones via their mobile apps in the classrooms of over 100 different countries. 

Poll Everywhere is one of the more secure polling options in 2023. For their polls and data storage they use AES 256-bit data encryption and store their data on Amazon Web Services cloud servers exclusively in the United States. Additionally, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued a security certifications for their app.


SurveyMonkey is a product offered by Momentive Inc. Originally founded in 1999 the company now offers experience management and corporate insight solutions alongside its online polls

SurveyMonkey is on our list of top polling companies because they offer online polling in addition to their surveys. Most often a poll includes yes or no questions, where a survey asks more in depth questions. With SurveyMonkey users can run a poll with up to 10 questions before paying. Additionally, users can post polls online and within emails.


Crowdsignal is an app for both polls and surveys. The application is built by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce. Crowd signal offers both free and paid versions of their app. 

Jotform Poll Maker 

Jotform is a full-featured online form builder that includes online polls. Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of Jotform. He bootstrapped Jotform from the ground up in 2006 and now oversees its growth and development.

Types of polls Jotform supports: Image polls, scheduling polls, video polls, exam date polls, opinion polls, quick polls, voting polls, and straw polls. Jotform polls use a feature rich drag-and-drop poll maker and can be embedded on websites and social media. 

Jotform polls are quite secure, utilizing a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, CCPA compliance, and the option to encrypt polls themselves. When users encrypt their forms and polls individually, Jotform uses the RSA-2048 algorithm while encrypting form data. Since the user owns the encryption key, caution must be used when storing it. If a key is lost, it is impossible to access the encrypted data anymore (much like encryption on a blockchain).


Typeform is a software as a service (SaaS) company out of Barcelona, Spain that focuses on online form building and online surveys. The company also offers an application called Poll maker that allows users to get instant feedback and their app runs on any device. 

The Poll Maker app boasts about better looking polls and getting more responses. Their drag and drop poll builder and special design elements are their product highlights.


Alchemer is a software company based in Louisville, Colorado. Formerly known as SurveyGizmo, Alchemer allows clients to run simple polls and quizzes, but also sophisticated market research projects for large brands and clients.

Alchemy claims that it is larger than SurveyMonkey, but cheaper and less complex than Qualtrics. There is no information on security and data storage on their website, only that they have “all the guardrails to keep IT happy.” 


Slido is a company that offers live polling solutions for businesses and events. They were originally founded in Slovakia in 2012 and now operate in 26 different countries. As of 2020 Slido is owned by Cisco. 

Slido takes security seriously by using encryption and storing data on AWS infrastructure in the EU. 


Mentimeter is an app that gives users the ability to create a wide variety of interactive polls. Their polls are mostly used to increase engagement for presentations. 

The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in 2014. They offer a free version but limit the use of questions and slides.


DirectPoll offers a very simple live polling service. The app allows polls to be set up immediately and for free. 

Direct Polls are a product of Netcetera, a software company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Netcetera makes software for a variety of applications, including secure payments, digital banking and digital identity. 


Vevox is another live polling tool for presenters and has made our list of top polling companies. It is now rated number one for the best live polling on Trustpilot. Additionally, the Vevox app integrates with PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams. 

While Vevox can be used for presentations, it is also an asset for those who want to run townhalls, AMAs, and workplace training. 

Vevox is a product of Auga Technologies Ltd. Polls on Vevox are secured via encryption and hosted on AWS servers in Ireland.


EasyPolls is a straightforward polling tool created by ObjectPlanet Inc. It is free to use, but there are options for customers that need more features. 

On their about page, EasyPolls lists third party software and application frameworks used in their app. They don’t expressly say they are open source, but it’s nice to see all the aspects, languages and APIs in use. 

For security, EasyPolls encrypts transmission of data on pages where payment information is provided and keeps software up to date. They are honest about the state of online security today stating “no security or encryption method can be guaranteed to protect information from hackers or human error.”


Xoyondo offers two types of polling apps for users. Opinion polls and anonymous polls. Polls are free to create, but the paid version included an ad free experience.  

Xoyondo does not include any details about their security and what kinds of databases they use to store user information. 


Polltab is an absolutely free to use online polling app. It is difficult to determine the company or individual that runs the website. Contact us if you know. 

Security on Polltab is not addressed, only details on how casting votes is based on IP addresses. Unique voter IDs are tied to an IP address. This means users on the same network (like a school or office) will need extra cookies or authentication for accurate poll results. 


Polljunkie is a polling app run by eppyjerk.com, a small software house run by a man only named Jonathan.

The Polljunkie website does not give any information on their application security.

Elway Research

Elway Research conducts custom-designed surveys, key-person interviews, focus groups, electronic town hall meetings and workshops for organizations such as government agencies, major corporations, media outlets, non-profits, associations, and foundations. They list 356 different clients on their website that they have completed polls for. 

The company was founded in 1975 and is based in Seattle. Elway Research has previously received criticism for the accuracy of its polls. But as of  2016, the FiveThirtyEight Pollster Ratings gave Elway Research an “A+ grade.”


Ipsos is a market research and public opinion research company headquartered in Paris, France. Currently Ipsos is the world’s third largest research agency operating in 88 countries. 

Ipsos offers many solutions to a variety of customers. If you didn’t think one company could try and do it all, think again. Their products and offerings include: market strategy and understanding for brands and businesses, product testing, packaging research, user experience, pricing analytics, mystery shopping, customer counting, simulation stores, public affairs, corporate reputation, healthcare research, qualitative data, social intelligence analytics, observational data, digital platform data, audience measurement, customer experience, and automotive and mobility development research.

Ipsos is extremely large and their data and research solutions serve almost all types of customers.

Morning Consult

Morning Consult is a business intelligence company that has been operating since 2014. They provide global survey research tools, data services and news to organizations in business, marketing, economics, and politics. The Morning Consult has over 500 global organizations as clients including Nike, Apple, and Whole Foods among others. 

Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen Ratings, also known as Nielsen Media Research, is an American firm that measures media audiences, including television, radio, theater, films, and newspapers. The company has been producing TV ratings since 1950, which makes them the oldest firm on our list of top polling companies.

Nielsen currently offers solutions for both panelists and surveys.

Trafalgar Group

The Trafalgar Group is based in Atlanta, Georgia and completes polls for both political groups and businesses. The group uses six different methods to gather data for their clients. These include live callers, integrated voice response, text messages, emails, and what they list as “two other proprietary digital methods” that they don’t share publicly.

John Zogby Strategies 

John Zogby Strategies is a full-service marketing and political consulting firm, created in 2016. The firm provides a variety of services. One of these is online polling services. 


As you can see, the top polling companies are quite competitive and offer similar features. At Follow My Vote we are working to make Pollaris a polling solution that stands apart from the competition. The number one way we are doing this is by building our application with blockchain technology. Blockchain databases provide many features, but the number one advantage in this case is data security. This is what the the top polling companies of today are missing. If you are looking to host an extremely secure poll, we think you will find our solution intriguing.


Will Long

Will is the Marketing Manager for Follow My Vote

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