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  1. I really like what Follow My Vote is doing. There are way too many skeptics about Internet voting. I just published a new book called Election Attitude – How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy in which I advocate Internet voting. I interviewed Adam Ernest and quoted him in the book. Take a look at or Audible version coming before Labor Day.

    1. This is the PRESENT, everyone must work to force any organization or government to have a secure voting system like this one. It is time votes are free from fraud.

  2. Hope it can evolve by collecting big user bases and let them vote on all issues. I don’t see any government using the platform like resistance of goal line tech in FIFA. But with big user bases and mechanisms to let registered users actively involved in voting, then the pressure will be on government to implement. I hope there will also be features of reputation index or tests required for voters to clear before voting too. Classification of users qualification or by industries for certain technical issues that required professionalism. Setting different class of each vote if required. Allow setting of threshold too. I believe there are trillions of likes or up vote on all social medias and if you can convert all these clicks into legal voices and segregate them properly then you are a success! Hope can test your prototype soon:)

  3. In Alberta a new merged political party is about to be formed this spring. I would lie to introduce secure online voting for the members of this new party. So that the party can remain grassroots driven from day 1. And eventually introduce the technology to the provincial government electoral and Participatory Democracy can be implemented.

  4. I am intrigued with the technology as the best option to stop the perrenial ritual of elections manipulation .

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