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History of State Elections
When it comes to elections, there are none that are more famous than the Presidential Election in 2000.  While all Americans were on their tip toes, it was Florida that everyone was waiting on.  The final decision was determined by the votes that were cast in Florida.  As we all know, Bush ended up winning; however, there was much concern over the validity of the election.
Registering to Vote in Florida
Are you wanting to vote in Florida for the upcoming election?  If so, you need to make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be resident of Florida
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be deemed mental incapacitated by a court
  • Cannot be a felon without restoration of civil rights
  • Be able to provide a Florida driver’s license number, or the number on a Florida identification card

Where and How to Register
To register to vote in Florida, you have only one option; you must print, fill out, and submit an application. You will need to use a black ballpoint pen to fill out the application, double checking that all sections have been filled correctly.  You will need to sign the application yourself because you are affirming under oath that all information you submit is accurate.
To mail in the registration application, put it in an envelope along with a first class stamp.  Your county should have a Supervisor of Elections; this is who you need to mail your application to.  If you prefer, you can alternatively send the application to any of the following:

  • Voter registration agencies
  • Driver’s license office
  • The Division of Elections
  • Public library

Once your registration application has been processed and approved, you will receive a card or letter by mail stating the approval and giving you a location that you should go to vote. If for some reason you have not received a confirmation of approval or non-approval within two weeks of mailing in the application, contact your county’s Supervisor of Elections.  Do keep in mind that if you intend to vote in an election, your registration must be approved at least 29 days before the election is to take place.
Protecting the Rights of Voters
Currently, there are no states that support online voting.  Still yet though, it is important to look at how online voting could be of exceptional benefit.  The Follow My Vote platform enables voters to cast their votes from the comfort of their homes, including from smartphones, tablets, computers and more.  All votes are processed using today’s latest technological and security practices, and best of all, voters can follow their votes, resting assured that each vote is being counted as it should.  Above all, the Follow My Vote platform promotes honest elections.

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