Online Voting In South Dakota

Online Voting: NOT YET X

Online Registration: NOT YET X

 Registering to Vote in South Dakota

To register to vote in South Dakota you must submit a Voter Registration Form and send it to your County Auditor.


  • Be a United States citizen
  • Reside in South Dakota
  • Be at least 18 years old on or before the next election
  • Not currently serving a sentence for a felony conviction which included imprisonment, served or suspended, in an adult penitentiary system.
  • Not be judged “mentally incompetent” by a court of law.

Where and How to Register

You can print the Voter Registration Form form here. You can also fill out the online form and send it to your county auditor.

To register in person, visit one of the following locations.

  • County auditor’s office
  • City finance office
  • Driver’s license station
  • Public assistance agencies providing food stamps, TANF or WIC
  • Department of Human Services offices which provide assistance to the disabled
  • Military recruitment offices
  • Mail-in registration with cards from the county auditor’s office.

VOTE605 Mobile App

While South Dakota does not have true online voter registration, they do have a mobile app for both Android and Apple devices that informs voters on where they can vote, what is on the ballots any additional info regarding elections in South Dakota.


Make Sure Your Vote Counts

One of the best ways to make sure that your vote counts is by supporting Follow My Vote’s online voting platform.  This open source voting platform is designed around security, convenience, and most importantly, transparency.  Using the security of blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography, Follow My Vote intends to ensure that democracy thrives through honest and verifiable elections worldwide.

Additional Resources

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