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 Registering to Vote in Virginia

When you register to vote in Virginia, you don’t have to register according to your preferred party.  In fact, general elections in this state don’t include party affiliations on the ballot.  However higher-level positions,  like those running for federal and statewide positions as well as the General Assembly, do appear with their party affiliation.
In order to vote in Virginia, you must first register and find out which poll to show up at on election day.

  • Be a Virginian resident
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Can’t be registered to vote in a different state
  • Can’t be deemed mentally incompetent by a judge or court of law
  • Felons must have their voting rights restored
  • Be at least 18 years old

Where and How to Register
You can register to vote either online or by visiting one of the local voter registration offices.  Or if you prefer, you can download the registration application from the Internet, fill it out and mail it back in.
There are many places that can help you register to vote, including:

  • Food Stamp office
  • WIC office
  • Medicaid office
  • Disability office
  • Public libraries
  • DMV
  • Recruitment offices for the Armed Forces

If you are residing outside of the United States for military purposes or some other reason but you’re still a resident of Virginia, you’ll need to speak with the Federal Voting Assistance Program for more information on how to register to vote.
To vote in a general or primary election, you’ll need to be registered at least 22 days before the election takes place.  For a special election, 13 days before the election.  For special elections called by the Governor, you must be registered at least seven days prior to when the election is held.
When filling out the registration application, make sure that each information block is filled out.  If there is a request for information that does not apply to you, make sure to write NONE or NA.  Additionally, make sure that the application is both signed and dated.  It is extremely important that you use handwriting that it is easy to read.  Otherwise, your application for registration may be denied or delayed.
Make Sure Your Vote Counts
One of the best ways to make sure that your vote counts is by supporting Follow My Vote’s online voting platform.  This open source voting platform is designed around security, convenience, and most importantly, transparency.  Using the security of blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography, Follow My Vote  intends to ensure that democracy thrives through honest and verifiable elections worldwide.

Additional Resources
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