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Too Close For Comfort

Today, President Obama signed a short-term agreement, which was created in Senate and passed by both houses of the United States Congress, to reopen the government and effectively suspend the enforcement of the debt limit until February 7th, 2014.

Thankfully, due to the rare compromise from our elected officials, we just avoided crashing through the United States’ debt ceiling, an event with potentially catastrophic consequences, one that could have sent the US and global economy into yet another damaging recession.

Although our elected officials can’t seem to agree on anything these days, a new study NBC is conducting argues that the people of the United States of America, “We the People”, actually tend to agree on much more than we disagree when it comes to the issues. Yet, due to partisan politics in the United States, “We the People” have been led to believe differently.

At the end of the day, if we want to progress as a society, building on what we have in common in order to prevent things like this happening again, “We the People” must begin holding our elected officials accountable.

Follow My Vote is a nonpartisan organization aiming to bridge the gap between the citizens of the United States and our elected officials to ensure that “We the People” are accurately represented as a society moving forward. In doing so, our hope is that we put an end to partisan politics in the United States and make way for progress that “We the People” truly support.

If you believe in our cause, please help us spread the word and/or contribute to our crowdfunding campaign today!




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