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Blockchain rewards.

World’s First Blockchain-Based Rewards Program

Well it has started! A blockchain based rewards program has begun. With many different avenues in business finding a usability for blockchain technology should bring the usefulness to the front of American naysayers. The main issue with the public is the hurdle of trust. As we as a nation begin to utilize this technology we will surly see that the security and transparency offered far out weighs the risks. While there will always be people out there looking to “crack the code” there are many more looking to make it even more secure to allow for its application on many different platforms.

The world’s first rewards program built on the blockchain technology Ribbit.me announces the beginning of its RibbitRewards airdrop campaigns, consisting of 200 million RibbitRewards given away to registrants and 200 million RibbitRewards up for pre-sale.

“Giving back to the community is very important to the Ribbit.me team,” Ribbit.me CEO Sean Dennis said in an interview. “That is why 5% of all RibbitRewards created will go to charity. We also have partnered with Melotic and Global Outreach to allow charities around the world to accept donations in RibbitRewards.”

Aiming to enable positive social change through the adoption of the blockchain technology, RibbitRewards is a patent pending blockchain based customer reward program designed to incentivize economic activity by rewarding both buyers and sellers with a unit of value distributed from the blockchain’s decentralized ledger.

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