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Follow My Vote CEO Discusses Online Voting On Predicting Our Future Podcast

Follow My Vote Vote Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Ernest recently spoke on an episode of the Predicting Our Future Podcast. The episode covered how current voter participation is extremely low and presented online voting as a possible solution. Podcast host, Andrew Weinreich invited several guests to talk about online voting and what it could look like in the U.S. if implemented.

Predicting Our Future is a new podcast about the next revolutions in technology. 


Listen to the whole episode or skip to 20:15 to hear Ernest explain and discuss using blockchain technology to build open source, end-to-end verifiable voting software:

“In the United States, there are over 500,000 elected officials. In the overwhelming majority of elections, less than half of eligible voters participate, resulting in one of the lowest levels of voter engagement of any Western democracy. In this episode, Andrews asks and tries to answer: What can be done to increase turnout for elections conducted every year in the U.S.? Can the security risks of implementing online voting be overcome? If online voting did become available in the United States, what might it look like? Which companies would be the winners?”

Episode 9 is one of three different episodes covering the issues facing the future of elections. Check them out on predictingourfuture.com:

Episode 7: Can Online Voting Defeat The Broken Electoral College?
Episode 8: Hacking Elections, DDoS Attacks, & Online Voting Around the World
Episode 9: Disinterested Voters & 500,000 Elected Officials

Learn about Follow My Vote’s blockchain voting software.

About the Author: Will Long is the Co-Founder & Marketing Manager of Folow My Vote. 


Will Long

Will is the Marketing Manager for Follow My Vote

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