19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

Follow My Vote Highlighted In “19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt”

Follow My Vote’s blockchain voting software has been highlighted in a recent video and post on futurethinkers.org covering the top 19 industries the blockchain will disrupt.
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“Future Thinkers is a podcast about the future of humankind and the exploration of consciousness.”

Follow My Vote is featured in the number 10 spot in the industry list alongside Democracy Earth. The voting industry section begins at 4:55 in the video. 

Blockchain technology can be used for voter registration and identity verification, and electronic vote counting to ensure that only legitimate votes are counted, and no votes are changed or removed. Creating an immutable, publicly-viewable ledger of recorded votes would be a massive step toward making elections more fair and democratic. Democracy Earth and Follow My Vote are two startups aiming to disrupt democracy itself through creating blockchain-based online voting systems for governments.”

19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

The Future Thinkers List of 19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt:

  1. Banking and Payments
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Forecasting
  5. Networking and the Internet of Things
  6. Insurance
  7. Private Transport and Ride Sharing
  8. Cloud Storage
  9. Charity
  10. Voting
  11. Government
  12. Public Benefits
  13. Healthcare
  14. Energy Management
  15. Online Music
  16. Retail
  17. Real Estate
  18. Crowdfunding
  19. Your Industry


Read more on the specific industries on futurethinkers.org

Learn more about Follow My Vote’s open source blockchain voting software. 

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