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19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

Follow My Vote Highlighted In “19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt”

Follow My Vote’s blockchain voting software has been highlighted in a recent video and post on futurethinkers.org covering the top 19 industries the blockchain will disrupt. “Future Thinkers is a podcast about the future of humankind and the exploration of consciousness.” Follow My Vote is featured in the number 10 spot in the industry list alongside Democracy Earth. […]

Press Technology Updates
Nasdaq feature

Nasdaq.com Features Follow My Vote & How Blockchain Will Make the World a Better Place

Follow My Vote has been featured on Nasdaq.com! The Nasdaq Stock Market is an American stock exchange, and is the second-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization, the first being the New York Stock Exchange. The Nasdaq website displays information about stock quotes, markets, business news, and investing. Bitcoin Magazine, which has featured Follow My Vote […]

Press Technology Voting Platform

Follow My Vote Featured On Forbes For Blockchain Voting

Follow My Vote can now add Forbes to the list of media publications discussing blockchain voting and Follow My Vote’s end-to-end verifiable voting software. Author Jackie Burns Koven has written an unbiased article on Forbes.com that uncovers the progress and realtiy of blockchain voting for use in political elections. Numerous articles are coming out that […]

Press Technology
Blockchain Startups

Follow My Vote Named One Of The Top Blockchain Startups By Venture Radar

Follow My Vote has been named one of the top 25 non-financial blockchain startups by Venture Radar for innovating and disrupting in the governance sector! In this info-graphic featured above, Follow My vote has been put along side projects and companies such as  Swarm and Bitnation, which attempt to improve or disrupt government type functions. Follow […]

Knowledge Legislation

Three Equal Branches?

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent, landmark decision to strike down a provision of the Affordable Care Act in which employers are mandated to provide contraception coverage to female employees, questions of the Courts true significance and power are subtly coming into play. As soon as the decision that stated (5-4) that for-profit companies […]


Buying a Seat Isn’t Anything New, It’s Just Getting More Expensive : The Big Money Story

A subject constantly in the media today is the issue of campaign fundraising and spending by special interest groups and super PACs, all wanting to push their candidate through with hopes of protecting whatever agenda and interests they may have. Critics argue that this is rapidly taking the regular people out of politics, as multi-billionaires […]

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