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Happy 4th of July From Follow My Vote!

July 4, 1776… It was the birth of a nation grounded in the revolutionary spirit of a people who yearned for something better. They yearned for a set of principles that they had never known before… Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These principles instilled a fire into a people that, once it started […]

Knowledge Legislation

Three Equal Branches?

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent, landmark decision to strike down a provision of the Affordable Care Act in which employers are mandated to provide contraception coverage to female employees, questions of the Courts true significance and power are subtly coming into play. As soon as the decision that stated (5-4) that for-profit companies […]


The Changing Face of America’s Priorities

We live in a swiftly changing American political landscape.  Entitlements are bigger than ever and social change is evident all around us. American priorities are shifting and people are looking at the government differently. What is expected from the government in its everyday interactions with the American people is becoming much different than it was […]

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