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Indiana Primary Results: Ted Cruz Drops Out

We have compiled the Indiana primary results. The biggest news out of the Indiana primary is the campaign suspension of Ted Cruz.

Republican Party

Donald J. Trump acquired 53.3% of the Republican votes in the primary, leading to 51 more delegates. Even after Cruz made a deal to keep John Kasich from campaigning in Indiana.  Now that Cruz has dropped out, many people are saying Trump in now the Republican nominee. The buzz is all over social media.  This might become true but for the moment Kasich still plans to campaign, despite only winning one state.

*Update: Kasich has now suspended his campaign as well.

Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders was the victor in this primary for the Democrats. Sanders recieved 52.7% of the vote and walked away with 43 more delegates. Hillary Clinton followed with 47.3% and acquired 37 more delegates.

For more details on the results visit: nytimes.com

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About the author: Will Long is the Marketing Manager of Follow My Vote.
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Will Long

Will is the Marketing Manager for Follow My Vote

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