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Election Fraud in New York Primary?

Multiple outlets are reporting instances of election fraud in the New York primary. The Democratic Party’s primary on Tuesday appeared that it would be a tough contest between Clinton and Sanders. However, some Bernie supporters throughout the state reported that they could not vote for him. Bernie Sanders criticized the voting process of the New […]


South Carolina Democratic Primary: Clinton’s Landslide Victory Over Sanders

The South Carolina Democratic Primary was called relatively early on Saturday night with Clinton’s landslide victory over Sanders. Clinton took 73.5% of the vote and 39 delegates were added to her already sizable lead. Sanders struggled, collecting only 14 delegates, despite campaigning hard in the state. With the loss, the Sanders campaign will now have […]


Party Politics vs. The People: Did the New Hampshire Primary Just Expose a Crack in Our Broken Primary System?

Eight Democratic superdelegates threw their votes to Hillary Clinton, despite Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly winning the popular vote in the New Hampshire Primary. Wait, what? While normal delegates are assigned based on popular vote, superdelegates are party insiders and get to vote for who they think will help advance the interests of the party. Superdelegates are the […]