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WSLS 10 News Story!

To kick off 2015 in the coolest way possible, Follow My Vote along with NuSpark (A Blacksburg entrepreneurship space) received some attention from the press. WSLS 10 is a South West Virginia news station with a well built reputation. We were ecstatic to hear they wanted to cover our endeavors in the online voting industry.  Investigative reporter Aaron […]

Blockchain technology

Decoding Bitcoin and the Blockchain

BitCoin and blockchain technology are full of extremely technical aspects and jargon, we understand completely that much of it is difficult to follow if you are not tapped into the industry directly. This article summarizes a summit that is being held to push the envelope on blockchain technology and Bitcoin. The summit will allow for […]

Elections Events

California Joint New Law Workshop Recap

Last week, Follow My Vote attended the California Joint 2014 New Law Workshop hosted by the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials (CACEO) and the County Recorders’ Association of California. As an exhibitor, Follow My Vote held a table for the first two days and displayed various brochures and literature about our online open […]

Events Press Updates

The Road To California, Part One

Folks, we are presenting this piece to you as we stand on the forefront of a potential breakthrough. If you’ve happened to view the news in the last few days, you may have noticed that humanity has landed a probe on Comet 67P, discovered how to use the Internet to produce telepathy, and (per a Scottish distillery) recently […]


Voter Turnout and How We Can Help

We all understand that voter turnout has been a major challenge in the electoral process of America. The more people you have voting the better the American “Voice” can be heard. While this article goes into many different ways that we as a country could increase voter turnout the aspect that is on everyone’s minds […]